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Creative Tailor-Made Commercial Awnings in Royal Oak, MI

Set Your Storefront Apart with a Custom-Designed Awning to Match Your Brand

Custom Commercial Awnings Royal Oak MI | ROBA - ArthurMurryAt Royal Oak & Birmingham Awning, we provide comprehensive commercial awning services for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in awning design, service, installation and repair.

We offer awnings of all types and sizes, including stationary awnings and retractable awnings. We craft awnings for patios, decks, windows, smoking enclosures and entryways. With a wide selection of custom colors and fabrics, we are ready to create awnings to meet your exact specifications. We are a family-owned business with deep roots in southeast Michigan, and we take pride in providing the perfect blend of personal service and professional expertise to every customer.

Attract New Business with Commercial Awnings

Stand Out from the Crowd

Retail shopping stores and restaurants thrive on foot traffic, and being noticeable is especially important for businesses situated in outdoor or strip malls. Custom awnings separate you from the pack by artistically differentiating your space. An illuminated awning in the night leads customers to you like moths to a flame.

Eye-Catching Branding

There’s no doubt about it – a well-made awning catches the eye. Our artisans will work with you to select custom colors that match your brand and style.

Expand Your Space

Patios, balconies and other external spaces beg to be covered. Awnings are an affordable and attractive way to provide shade and protection from the weather. These outdoors spaces maximize your square footage, letting you serve more customers with less crowding. Customers will flock to gather and relax under your awnings, and while they do, they’ll advertise for you by showing off your goods to all who pass by.

Commercial Awnings Make Good Business Sense

Custom Commercial Awnings Royal Oak MI | ROBA - commercial-storefront-installation-and-repairRain and snow create muddy, unattractive puddles on sidewalks, especially around your patios and entrances. An awning keeps these critical areas clear and dry, which prevents mud and water from being dragged inside. That means less maintenance, less sweeping and less cleaning for you. More importantly, a clean and dry entryway keeps customers comfortable.

A great way to save on your energy bills. A good business grows its revenue while minimizing expenses. Strategically-placed awnings have been proven to reduce energy bills by shading your windows and keeping it naturally cooler inside. Awnings are investments that pay off more and more the hotter summer gets. 

Custom Awnings Built to Match your Needs

We are proud of our work, standing by every awning installation and repair. Partner with us to shade your customers, expand your space and reduce your energy footprint.

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